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Make Blogging a daily, weekly or monthly task…

If you are an advanced blogger, start thinking about your yearly campaign. If you remember, back when we were talking about ‘planning your time’ it’s so important to plan before you write.

Anyway – back to you guys that are just starting out. You need to decide;

a) What do you wish to achieve from your blog?

b) How you wish your blog to be perceived?

c) Will you write a monthly and give out a lot of info?

d) Will you write a daily bite size offering?

e) Is it an informative blog or is it fun, visual and diarized?

f) Can you make it a ‘bedroom side table ‘blog? Offering tidbits of info that people need to refer back to?

g) Can you think of a way to portray your information in a ‘leading’ way where by after a month, you have developed it congruently?

Obviously we want more customers/followers/fellow workers as this opens up profit and opportunity. But do you wish to;

1) Create a growing image? By this I mean, are you enticing your public by giving them droplets of info/product/image/music bit by bit for a bigger picture?

2) Develop your image with your followers? By this I mean, write from a personal point of view about your niche.

3) Create a space for your members to get more than your potential members? By this I mean, offering deals, discounts, free info and tips for people that sign up to your blog.

4) Do you wish to sell products? Think about what you are selling. Is it for an online shop? Do you have physical premises? In which case, what would sell better online and why do you think that is?

5) What kind of media will you be using to present your blog? Text, Photos, Audio, Video tutorials? Aim to use all over time.

You get the picture.

The main thing is to get your business image and what you want to achieve across. People like to know things immediately. Nobody really spends too much time reading stuff, they ‘skit’ across it to see if anything jumps out at them. Bear this in mind when writing and try to avoid telling your clients about your cat’s misfortunes.

Keep it short, sweet and informative. Good Content Rules. Good Luck!

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