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What can you learn from your competitors? Free Online PR (5 of 5)

OPT offers you top 5 tips that your competitors will already know! read on…

It is fair to say that online pr is NOT the same as offline pr. The differences are significant.  And it is important to learn that both are pitched differently.  This is something successful marketeers have learnt over time and you can learn this from them.

Online PR is a varied mixture of brand reputation monitoring and management activities and it’s main goal to influence media, communities and audiences that exist solely on the Internet using online channels, such as; search engines, blogs, news search, forums, discussion threads, social networks and other online communication tools.

Offline PR deals with similar but with print, radio TV, conferences/events and other “real life” venues.

Here are the tips!

  1. Work out your strategy and tactics you will use to achieve your goal

  2. Use social media and optimise all your web pages appropriately

  3. Make a list of all your favourite pr tools webpages and visit daily, Be social, be creative, be persuasive and be technical.

  4. Develop relationships with online publication editors and bloggers and followers.

  5. Always keep your eyes open for new trends.

It would be great to hear some of your top tips!..Let us know in the comments section!

Have a happy weekend!

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