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Should You Change your Domain Name?

If you are using the wrong domain name for your business, product or service, you should seriously think about changing it now! You could be missing out on quite a hefty amount of free marketing.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is it easy to spell and remember? Is it your own personal name that is hard to spell and remember?

  2. Does it contain a dot or slash in it anywhere?

  3. Does your domain name contain word repetition? And are the words spelled differently?

  4. Is it similar to another brand, product or service?Does your business, product or service rely on a local audience?

If you answered yes to at least 3 of these, its time for a change! I am not asking you to forget the site you have, merely buy the new domain (you can even buy more than one) and point them to your site that is already named. This is called Domain Forwarding and it is very cheap and easy to do.

If you are an un-established hair salon, boutique or bar and rely on a local clientele, then think about buying a domain that contains the word of your town or city.  This will also help you when you list your business in Google places. More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of adding their site to Google places. If you are looking for a local business, you will guarantee being found. i.e. if I was searching for the nearest vets, Google will present all practices in the area.  It also allows you to rate and share places on Google.  So this is great free marketing

So think carefully about your name and see if you could encourage more traffic to your pages with another.

If you would like advice on your business name then feel free to email me! As it is Christmas, I will be happy to offer my services for free!

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