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How Important is your Domain Name in Business?

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

As mentioned yesterday, your business name/domain name could be the only thing that is holding you back from getting the traffic you need to succeed online.

I have spoken with brand experts who believe that names should be almost a blank canvas, in which to build the image of your business upon.  Some swear by a coined name that are made up of ‘halves of words joined together.

I believe that any name can be fabulous, as long as it is justified with an appropriate marketing strategy.

If you aren’t brilliant at coming up with names, then please enlist some help! There are also obviously trademark laws and all sorts to consider.  Your expert should be able to advise you against a bad name and explain why the good ones are good!


  1. Your name tells people who you are.  And I believe, nowadays you have to be more ‘obvious’ than clever as the competition is so high.

  2. You name tells people what you do!  If you want to choose and ‘off the wall’ name, do make sure it is relative to your service.

  3. Your name should differentiate you from your peers.  It should shout – ‘we are the best out of the bunch!’

  4. Are you able to create customer interest from your name?  Think about your target audience, and as mentioned in my blog ‘The Art of Self Promotion (3 of 5)” keep an up to date managed list of your audience and make lists of their interests, qualities and what is important to them.

If you would like advice on your business name then feel free to email me! As it is Christmas, I will be happy to offer my services for free!

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