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How does the name of your business affect your Online Marketing Campaign?

We have discovered that your name is really important for online marketing but how does it actually affect your strategy?

Simple.  A good name will allow you to be flexible and creative in your marketing plans.  This is not about design, although if you are a business that is lead by good design, this will also need to be reflected in your name.

We loved this article” Pandecta Magazine, although written in 2009 – many of the issues remain the same.

But what comes first? Is it the chicken or the egg?

  1. Are you selling a service, business or product that you yourself would buy?

  2. If you bought it, what would people think?

Write down the positive and the negative!

I know of some businesses that have chosen how they want to market something before naming it.  Technically, this should be a great way of choosing a name as it will be relative to the strategy, but will it have longevity? Will it survive your next campaign?

I think that it is good practice to have a marketing plan in mind, when you have a name and also plan a few strategies at once! Think of ideas on how to promote your business and create headings of which underneath, you list in detail, all the qualities, interests and creative thoughts you have to enhance upon them. Think of your target audience and how you will relate to them and catch their attention.

Let’s look at some examples:

Compound names, such as ‘Google Talk’, ‘Top Shop’  ‘Facebook’ etc. are a great way of creating a new name and interesting meanings can be derived from them, giving you plenty of ideas for marketing. They are very popular, as not many drawbacks and the marketing can really be as non-relative or as in your face as you wish.  They can be easily tied in to close association sub brands and therefore last an age.

Phrases are also popular. Stumbleupon, LinkedIn are monsters. These can have clear meanings and great for the customer to understand their services!.

For an ‘off the wall’ type business, artist page, but also something obvious, i.e. for a gym! Beware of using names that are too long and awkward sounding.  This kind of name is immediately visual and will ultimately help in your marketing plan.

So, read, be inspired and then think technical!

If you would like advice on your business name then feel free to email me! As it is Christmas, I will be happy to offer my services for free!

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