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40 Brilliant Facebook Tips:

Hope you enjoy these Facebook Tips from my book “One Giant Leap into Social Media Marketing”

  1. Do not neglect!

  2. Use your company logo or a picture you are using on your blog, Twitter, Linked in etc. Create synergy and create awareness of your brand. This should be 180X180 pixels.

  3. Now with the new ‘cover’ picture, design or get designed, something that fits with your page and stands out. It will need to be 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels high.

  4. Create a custom URL and keep it consistent with all your branding.

  5. Make sure your page is visible to all in settings.

  6. Use the apps for call to actions and to engage your fans.

  7. Hint at what is going on with your Twitter page or Blog.

  8. Use original pictures where applicable and name them accordingly.

  9. Look for specific groups on Facebook in your niche where you can hang out and meet new people, potential business leads.

  10. Be helpful and share stuff with folk that they may find really useful.

  11. Respond to people when they get in touch with you.

  12. Send people ‘welcome’ and ‘hello’ messages.

  13. Try to post at least twice a day.

  14. Tell a story.

  15. Create custom tabs and pages; i.e. ‘vote now’ or ‘invite a friend’.

  16. Sync your blog to Facebook via networked blogs.

  17. Share an excerpt to your email marketing and newsletters and include a call to action (CTA) so people can join up in one click.

  18. Offer background information on your company and highlight milestones past, present and future.

  19. Share mutually beneficial and interesting information, media and stories.

  20. Get involved, share and congratulate other people on their Facebook efforts. If it is worth it – that is!

  21. Repost stuff from other people.

  22. Post a picture a day and tag if applicable.  Any conversations or dealings you have had with any companies in that week, give them a shout out on Facebook and you will attract people on their walls by tagging their name into a post.

  23. I always love a mystery picture; see if people can guess what or who it is?

  24. Create promotional PR opportunities, competitions, polls, and giveaways.

  25. Create branding association relationships and collectively you could give away something of real value.

  26. Compare produces, services and gain brand exposure via your pages.

  27. Ask anyone with kudos to give you a shout out on your page, write a review or testimonial of your company.

  28. Ask for opinions, ideas and what people actually want to see from you.

  29. Use hypothetical questions to increase engagement.

  30. Make sure you are offering your audience something of value and I don’t just mean a free gift or competition.  If you are an 80s pop party, post up links of tracks gone by and poke fun at them; if you are a car hire company, think of some brand associations and get your heads together to offer deals for each others services.

  31. I’m not a fan of those brands asking you to like them before you’ve seen what they have to offer. It’s different if you are Coca-Cola, but let’s face it- it could be quicksand. But do make certain things exclusive to your ‘likes’ only. Otherwise there would be no need for them to actually click ‘like’ in the first place.

  32. Learn how to influence your ‘likes’ and get their ‘likes’ to like you!

  33. Use ‘sponsored stories’.  With Facebook Sponsored Stories, your company can essentially turn fan activity into advertising. In the Facebook self-serve ad tool, you can promote your business by displaying great fan updates that specifically mention you or use it to promote news feed stories about a viewer’s friends “Liking” your Page.

  34. Facebook provides you with all the important tool to you’re your interactions.  It’s called ‘Insights’.  This is a set of analytics that tracks usage and interaction on your Page. All pages have it. Influence the Insights data by seeing how people are using your Page. What content getting most clicks? What isn’t resonating? And adjust accordingly.

  35. Integrate all artwork, promo and copy so people understand where they are and recognize it next time.

  36. You can set a post to be ‘pinned’ to the top of the page if it is relevant.

  37. You can ‘highlight’ posts, which means they will take up both sides of the page on your wall.

  38. You can create lists within ‘interests’ to make it easier to keep track of everyone!

  39. If you are on the marketing tip, this is the best book ever… Social Media Marketing for Dummies

  40. Don’t be scared of showing who you really are.  That is much more loveable than likeable!

Have a great week!

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