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Why is @VO5UK the best social media campaign of the moment?

Have you seen it?..Who hasn’t! I wanted to share with you reasons why I think it rocks and wanted to prove that although I understand we aren’t all over-flowing with marketing budgets the size of the sea, it can all be solved with a little magic creativity! That wasn’t meant to rhyme. Ahem.

We love self expression. That’s why we want to hear your original songs and help you share them with others. If you’re an aspiring singer-songwriter, upload your song or songs and you just might find yourself performing on the Garden Stage at The Isle of Wight Festival 2013″ VO5Uk It will be really interesting to watch the progress of their new campaign because I really think they have nailed it.  They have launched a marketing delight for their target market.  They get to upload their own song, promote themselves through the VO5 channels and the winner gets to perform at The Isle of White Festival in 2013.  A 50,000 strong very successful festival and a great platform for their career. Boom!

They also have a parallel competition running involving uploading videos on how you do your hair.  That’s genius.  As the vintage fashion scene started to take over the planet, there were more and more girls producing channels that showed you how to rock a beehive or how to do finger curls.  The powers that be at Unilever (VO5s’ daddy) have obviously seen how many hits these girls were getting and mimicked the concept. They are proving they had their ears to the ground and were listening and understanding what their target market wants. The virals are interesting, informative and fun to watch.  Totally shareable and gets their target audience involved.  Boom Boom!

VO5 Online Tools:

  1. Fully functional website

  2. ‘Express Yourself Campaign” using Facebook APP.

  3. “How to” Hair Demos competition using Facebook

  4. VO5 You tube channel (viewing only)

  5. The Tv commercial demonstrates how to achieve an ultra glossy look, and invites viewers to submit their own haircare demos plus shows a girl singing her own tune and offers up the song contest, combined.

So, the reason why this campaign wins ‘online marketing campaign of the moment’?

  1. Bold, Cool and a great prize

  2. Sensible and not overuse of social media.

  3. Focuses on sharing, talent, target market participation which is potentially stratospheric for their brand development

  4. Music Industry Brand Association

  5. A great source for Record Labels looking for new talent…can you imagine if VO5 were responsible for finding the next Leona Lewis?  Anyone that gives the X Factor a run for their money is fabulous in my book. COUGH.

  6. Clear incentives and lots to gain out of it for all, including the artists uploading their material.. so all round, its a total winner!

Well done @VO5UK!

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