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Should you use your OWN name for your domain?

There are many pros and cons to choosing your own name for your business.  I have struggled with this question for years but stuck with my own personal name for many reasons. The most important being, that I had a ready-made audience.

Obviously your name gives a certain personality to a company, product or service and many clients prefer that personal touch. Therefore it can work in your favour in many industries. If you remember my blog ‘The Art of Self Promotion (1 of 5)’ I was chatting with a musician friend of mine thinking of giving short tutorials on the guitar.  There are many over the net already, which is no reason to not do it, I might add, but with his experience and connections with certain credible bands, using his own name would be highly beneficial. I advised the same to another musician friend of late and it is working for him! It strengthens you being ‘an expert in your field’

The down sides are interesting.  Unless you are a gardener called Mr Lawnmower, your name will probably have little relation to your business and if you haven’t the loyal following as my musician friends, then you are literally starting from scratch.  In this instance, unless you can come up with at least 5 validated reasons to use your own name, please choose another!  Think about the things we have already mentioned this week, make a list and start thinking of how you wish to be perceived, not forgetting that Google will play a big part in your success, so consider what it needs to find you!

If you would like advice on your business name then feel free to email me! As it is Christmas, I will be happy to offer my services for free!

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