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Updated: Mar 10, 2020

proto-col online pr uk

“One of the fastest growing British beauty companies worldwide.

We all use a Twitter standard DM time to time right? The ethos behind mine is to determine whether my followers are interested in the music/events side of things or the Digital PR.  It helps me awfully when I am engaging with my tweeps. (Yes I do engage,  A lot – what’s the point of them being there if you don’t!?)

A certain Mr James Greenwell of @ProtocolUK replied with an offer a girl couldn’t refuse: “Would you like to try a few products from our skincare or mineral cosmetics range? We have the worlds coolest lip glosses!”…

Now…she says with a raised eyebrow…I’m not really a girly girl, I don’t do a lot of make up  (I think I had my fair share of the stuff whilst touring for 15 years!) but what the heck! It took me all of 5 nano seconds to reply. Never say no to a freebie right?!

As promised the swag arrives, a few days later, perfectly packaged and highly beguiling. Even for a non-make up fiend like me! I was given an LED lip gloss, a Collagen Facemask and their ‘infamous’ Pure Collagen Skin Supplements.

James (Proto-col uk) dropped me a line and told me the story behind Protocol and more importantly, their phenomenal lip gloss. I nearly had a coronary when I opened that box!  OK, the packaging does say ‘LED Lip Gloss’ but I honestly thought that would be a reference for a translucent colour. I unscrewed the lid, which in itself felt expensive and saw that the lid was fitted with 2 little LEDs! – How cool is that!?  AND there is a little mirror down the back of the gloss. No more sloppy lips on the dance floor girls! This is revolutionary! And to top it all off, the colour was luxurious, subtle and did exactly what it says on the tin.

10 stars!

James explained that he was out with 2 Olympians for dinner (he himself was a part of Team GB but in 2003 had an injury that made him retire early). One of the said Olympians was trying out one of the new lip gloss ranges from Protocol UK in the back of taxi and apparently had a rant because she couldn’t see what she was doing. And so the LED lippy was born! I Love the idea-conceiving stage! Don’t you?

COMPETITION:  Protocol are offering the chance to win one of these beauties!  All you have to do is like their Facebook Page and share the competition picture with a friend!  Simples! AND if you aren’t a lucky winner, you may also use the code AB10 and grab yourself 10% off your basket! Merry Christmas!

I opened the collagen face mask next and inside the first class, expertly designed and quite frankly, ‘posh’ box was a generous 100ml cool, mirrored pot of what I could only think was miracle cure for saggy, tired and wrinkly skin.  I could die happy.

The mask is full of juicy Algae, coral seaweed, amino acids, calcium and magnesium – so all good stuff. It comes with a tiny spatula for easy application. You are meant to spread thinly in an upward and outward direction. (Or in my case, slap it on and hope for the best). It’s a ‘leave-on-for-10-minutes jobby and you are meant to use weekly. I have used for a few weeks and have most definitely felt a tighter sensation around my eyes and cheeks.

They say: Natural extract of Algae helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles while Coral Seaweed – rich in amino acids and containing calcium and magnesium for healthy skin – intensely moisturises for smooth, hydrated skin. Plant-derived collagen, which is made up of three types of plant collagen, has been specially selected for its potent anti-ageing formulation. Neroli oil and Magnesium stimulate skin cell regeneration and improve skin elasticity. Zinc, essential for the growth of healthy new cells, accelerates the healing process while cooling and soothing Aloe Vera helps heal skin. Powerful antioxidants Vitamins C and E protect the skin from UV damage and environmental pollution while skin softening Jojoba Oil hydrates.  You can Watch the demo here

I started taking the Pure Collagen supplements immediately.  Ahem. Wouldn’t you? James explained to me that you need to supercharge your intake in the first 2 weeks and then it will balance out to 3 tablets a night (when your skin is rejuvenating most). I’ll let know how I get on but to be honest, they got me at the box!

You can read more about Protocol and their products on their website.

If you would like a review of your products, please send an email with details and samples to

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