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Do Good Things – Tell People

This is my motto. This is my truth. These are the words that have become my life’s work.

Five years ago, I chose to make Gozo my home. As the island had enriched my life in such a momentous way, I was motivated and inspired to share my skills and experience locally and build something here, rather than directing my focus elsewhere. Gozo In The House was launched during the pandemic with LOVE to;

  • Create community

  • Support local businesses.

  • Highlight the islands authenticity and contribute positively to its digital landscape.

  • Showcase the island as a wellbeing destination.

  • Increase relevant tourism at the right times through promotion and collaboration.

  • Collaborate with International partners on events.

  • Offer opportunities for local talent.

My ethos is simply to entice the right people for and at the right times to this beautiful island, to best serve and honour its' authenticity.

Recent Success

I recently found courage in the depths of my boots to brave the TVM show Shark Tank and was lucky enough to win investment. What with the platform growing, and our forthcoming event - The LIQUID SPIRIT Boutique Festival, it’s proving to be an exciting time for this little start up. Sadly, when your heads above the parapet, you are bound to ruffle feathers and an article recently published on a local news platform, did its best to vilify my good-hearted efforts. Purely speculative, their motives and morals were highly questionable, choosing to prevent focus on the real issue which is the renovation of a historic building. (The Times followed up with a more measured piece.)

Among other things, they stated I refused to offer information and was holding an event in this building - neither are true. We are in fact holding it in the large space in front of the building, where events have been held before and will be again.

If this spear carrier publication had implemented authentic investigative journalism, they would surely understand through my own dedication and writings that I have the islands best interests at heart. They would also discover that I have financially supported Din l-Art Ħelwa (an organisation committed to protecting and enhancing Malta’s built heritage) for nearly 2 years as a member. Therefore, it would be fairly easy to ascertain who's camp I am in. I would personally jump for joy to see the renovation of this building, in dire need of rescue, but how does writing a vast misrepresentation of the truth about me help this worthy cause?

No Smoke Without Some Fire (works)

Simultaneously within the same week as the publication of this article, an innocent incident occurred where a local photographer’s image of some fireworks got shared on my events Facebook Page without credit. Rather than coming to me first, and perhaps having the understanding that sometimes (God forbid!) genuine mistakes are made, the photographer chose to publish an insulting and shaming post instead which of course also paved the way for a tirade of trolls.

When promoting Gozo In The House and the LIQUID SPIRIT Boutique Festival, I endeavour to showcase the best of the island and that includes sharing relevant images. Our promotions reach on average 120K per month which I am super proud of and work hard for. Those that have worked with me through my 30 year career will know that it is not my style to not credit the talent and in the whole of those 30 years it has only ever happened once before. Conversely, I have been in that position myself many times, whereby songs that I have written have been blatantly stolen or articles and content copied.

When working 15+ hour days and doing the job of a 5-person team alone, mistakes are sometimes made.

This particular issue was dealt with swiftly, directly and professionally. Within the hour the photo had been removed. and an apology was apparently accepted although, as this article goes live, the disrespectful post sadly remains, along with any further repercussions.

The backlash from this alone has been similar to Daniel being thrown to the wolves. My treatment from the article and photo misdemeanour collectively, could be likened to a biblical stoning! Online abuse came from all corners of this small island - and of course, the local toxic Facebook Group had a field day, but joking aside, it truly is despicable treatment of one human to another.

The tragedy is people believe what they read. They hear what they want to hear, and some are just not interested or ready, for ‘the other side of the story’ let alone, kindness compassion and truth. It’s a sad fact that nobody asked to write about my recent accomplishment on the TVM programme, or praise recent news of the festival launch, or GITHs International Tourism Award which has brought Gozo to a whole new relevant market.

Luckily, I’m a solid believer that every trial and tribulation will birth a victory. My faith, strong support network and life experiences have served me well. I've survived a long-term narcissistic and abusive relationship and 20yrs+ in the male-dominated music industry so I have thankfully done the work! In fact, I would say that reaching the wonderful age of 50 this year has been a laudable triumph! I am also wise enough to know that abuse hurled from behind a screen is easy but those that are comfortable mudslinging are genuinely hurting deeply in their cells, whether they are aware of it or not.

Isn’t the digital landscape crunchy enough without making it worse?

I don’t read or watch the news. I keep abreast of what is going on through trusted sources, but I have found it good practice to step away from the triggering noise and instead feel my way through life. This is not ignorance - far from it. I am aware, and I choose to protect my nervous system while putting loving energy into the planet, rather than fear, worry, anxiety and, at worse, hatred.

I believe we have a duty to be kind and helpful in our online communities and set good, solid role models for our children. We are all responsible for the way we behave towards one another. We don’t have to agree, but we don’t have to fight either. We can accept that the things that are important to us might not be for others and we can honour and celebrate the wins in each other too - because joy cultivates more of the same.

What takes guts is having conversations that matter and sometimes that means navigating sticky and uncomfortable conversations. You'll never please everyone and you shouldn't try to, but when your truth comes from your heart, it can lead to more radical acceptance, compassionate conflict resolution, more kindness and more peace. It must start with us. In our work and the way we choose to live.

Imagine what we can co-create when we are all dancing to THAT song?

That is what new power looks like.


A New Event For Gozo

There is a time for everything, there is a purpose under heaven… A time to laugh, a time to weep…a time to be silent and a time to speak… and a time to dance.

Ecclesiastes 3:4

From a vision born nearly 4 years ago, The LIQUID SPIRIT Boutique Festival is truly my life’s work to date. Combining my experience, contacts and networks from a long career, and finding the right partner, together Danny and I are bringing something new to our dancing community and to the local event scene, whilst promoting this wonderful island to the right people.

It is a total pleasure to create this soulful music experience intended to unite like-minded people, give them a reason to dance and create happy memories for all who join us.

Many local people have been working hard on this event and will be doing so daily until it is over. It's creating local jobs and opportunities plus we are bringing 400+ lovely people over from the UK to experience Gozo for the first-time. The audience is well-known to us promoters and they are of an age where they will love and respect Gozo as much as I do.

They have, and will;

  • Book accommodation and stay in local hotels, farmhouses, Airbnb’s,

  • Use local transport companies.

  • Eat in local restaurants.

  • Spend money in local shops.

  • Experience the islands through trips and tours.

This alone will no doubts amount to an injection of 600K minimum for the local economy.

That’s what love can do!

Support by getting your tickets early and joining the conversation.

And so to end where I began - “Do Good Things – Tell People.” This is my motto. This is my truth. These are the words that have become my life’s work.


Remember this? You are our people.

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22 avr. 2023

Love it and planning on crashing your party 😍..

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