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How to run a brilliant Facebook ad campaign? Part 1

Happy Monday people. This week we are going to chat about Facebook’s advertising platform and how to run a brilliant campaign that will increase sales, likes, click throughs etc.  We cover the basics here on the OPT blog so Novices, this is for you!

So, why run a Facebook ad? The biggest plus? You can target specific demographics and the targeting options are wide.  You can really pinpoint who you want to hit as people share all kinds of information with Facebook about what they like and who they are, and you can use this information to target your ads at your ideal prospect. It’s totally worth throwing a bit of cash at and you can set your budget to whatever you wish.  The first time I tried it out I set a budget of £10 and just played around to get a feel of it.

Facebook ads are a great way to figure out who you need to target. Create many different ads targeted at many different demographic and interest groups and then watch them closely.  Track everything.  Keep the winning ads, drop the losers and repeat!

It’s trial and error as with most things but once you have ran a couple of ads you will get the hand of it.  And they really are worth it.  I want to share my top tips with you so you can gain a better understanding of Facebook Ads, not waste your money and get more clicks!

One of the secrets to advertising online and using ads is called split-testing.  Google Adwords trainees tell you to do the same. Split testing or A/B testing is changing one thing about your ad while keeping all the other variables the same and testing to see which ad performs better.

How do you split test and how do you analyze the numbers?  Here are some best practices:

  1. Only change one thing at a time.  Your main variables are; The title, the picture, the content and of course, who you are targeting.

  2. Run the ad under similar conditions.  Post at the same time of the day, same bid (although bid prices vary), same length of time, etc.

  3. Dig deep into the reports.  It may look like one ad did better than the other, but check the conversions and write down your findings.

  4. Always create a new ad, Facebook makes it easy to click on “Create a Similar Ad”  – Don’t try and tweak one that didn’t perform well.

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