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How to make your website work for you!

Websites are also a huge part of the broken chains.  Just because you have spent time and/or good, honest money on what you think is a decent website, doesn’t mean that you will automatically rise through the ranks on Google and be at the front of the shop window for all to see.

Some of the most basic web pages, with full SEO rich content are the most popular, because of the SEO work that has gone into it. So many people spend all their time on a great website. Flash and other sorts of exciting, design based content are being phased out because Google doesn’t recognize it anymore.

One thing is for sure, you need time and huge amounts of patience and commitment.  Followers, customers and clients DO NOT happen while you are sleeping!

Ask yourself this question; ‘when you are searching for something online, what are the sites that grab your attention most’?

Most searchers have one main question in mind when searching for something.  “How Much?” “Where”, “How?” “Who?” etc.

You can answer these questions with great content.  This could be copy, media as in pictures or video tutorials, blogs about specifics to your niche – either your own or as a guest writer on other relevant sites, articles and so on.

Placing this content well on a page and giving it a basic SEO sweep is vital. I would suggest you buying The SEO Answer Book, a fantastic offering from Mike Small (founder of, Max Shawabkeh (SEO programming specialist), Chuck Burgess (IT Manager) and Ron Sheffield (Web Designer).

This book tells a novice how to go about cleaning up their website or creating one that is active in the current search engine climate.

It covers keywords, Google Page Ranking, Linking and everything else that help you create a successful website.

Once this is in place, you will then have a ‘product’ to market.

Take a look at – there is plenty of advice on here to take you on to the next steps of website victory!  Have Fun and be sure to share your experiences with us!


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