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How to find your current Keywords!

Keywords are basically the words that your customer/client would type into Google to find you.  If you were a catering company, I would take a guess that ‘catering hire’, book caterer’, ‘party food’ and ‘event catering’ to mention a few are up there towards the top of the keyword ladder.

They are vital words and mostly come in pairs, to add into your content on your webpages.  If you wish to get technical, there are strategies as to where these keywords should be placed in your content as this helps Google and other search engines find your site easily.

Nowadays, once you know this much, the rest is at your fingertips and Google provide fantastic tools with analysis for you to keep on top of your niche’s keywords.

Here are 3 Tools OPT cant live without:

  1. You can set up alerts for certain words and Google will email you when and where they have been used.

  2. You can type in a few obvious keywords or phrases relevant to your business and you will be given a long list of other related keywords and phrases that are being used by searchers. This works on a local and global basis.  You can choose your demographics and really get to understand what people most likely type into Google to find you! Genius!

  3. PS. Did you know that YouTube also uses a keyword tool!  Oft forgotten, You Tube is the 2nd largest each site online!

  4. The use of # (hashtag) on twitter within the search bar, groups together keywords and this is a great way to research your market.

Obviously these are just the basics and once these skills are in place, then comes the hard part.

Management and ongoing commitment to relevance, incoming links and steady content development is key to success!  Good luck and don’t forget to leave a comment!

f tuoi contenuti manca buona, le parole chiave forti allora come vi aspettate altri a trovare voi?

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