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Happy 1st Birthday Online PR UK! Brilliant #Free Gift for Readers!

WOW a year has gone by – and what a journey it has been.  On a number of levels actually.  For my relationship with blogging regularly, which has been both trying and exceptionally fulfilling at times, but mainly the connections with the people I have come across who have helped (you know who you are), questioned (you do too!) and generally supported this rapidly growing baby of mine.

Over 9000 followers have followed in a mere 12 months, which I feel is ‘well radio rental’ but very pleased that I am obviously pushing out content that works. And guess what, there is plenty more where that came from!

So, as it’s Online PR UK’s  birthday this week  I wanted  you all to get our birthday hashtag going!  Remember? That would be #OnlinePRUK . You don’t get anything out of it, (unless you were one of the lucky numbers to receive a copy of my free book!) but hey – its my birthday not yours and I don’t want to beg, but I NEVER ask you for ANYFIN!

I do however feel very generous once again – so the first 10 people to tweet today will indeed get the chance to receive my book again, IF ONLY you encourage one of your friends to sign up here too! A Haaa! Crafty I hear you cry!

Yes. I thought so! (She said in a wicked witch of the west kind of way)

Anyone who gets a friend to sign up  today only, receives a FREE copy of my book; ‘One Giant Leap into Social Media Marketing’  Currently on sale in all good digital bookshops! Hoorah!

Get sharing! Im off to toast myself….(not literally – with champagne of course)

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