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Blogging should be your New Years Resolution. Fact.

Welcome to 2012! How’s the head?!

OPT have talked mostly about social media and how it can help your business.  We hopefully all know now that it is unavoidable.  You just have to make the decision to either employ someone to look after it or adapt and introduce new jobs into your daily routines.

Let’s begin this year, by hammering home some mega easy and positive steps towards getting your business out there online in 2012. Honing its online presence and giving your baby a reliable, consistent and exciting image.

We will be talking more about how we can move your website closer to the shop window (raise its rank on Google) in forthcoming weeks, we will cover basic SEO and keyword placement etc. but for now lets talk about blogging.

This should be your New Years Resolution. Fact.

If you don’t see yourself as a formidable writer or a prolific storyteller – that’s ok!

– Can you hold a conversation? – Do you know what image you wish to portray for your business? – Do you have a voice recorder on your phone or another way of recording what you say?

Then you are ready to blog!

Who can’t have a conversation about their business? Every time you have a chat with someone, be it a customer, family member or friend about what you do, make a note of it or even better, record it! The questions from them, advice from yourself and information that you cover could be valuable to others and help sell you.

A friend of mine has a fairly new business in vintage clothing. She is an extraordinarily talented stylist and collects her pieces from around the world as she works part time as a stewardess for BA. I have been telling her for months upon months to start a blog. Her problem lies with the actual sitting down and putting pen to paper. Because when she does write, she presents informative, descriptive, humorous copy. Her offerings are visually pretty and glamorous, perfect for selling one off pieces of vintage clothes.

Her competitors have been blogging for years. Some months. But they are doing it. And gaining all the relevant and obvious benefits from doing so. Collaboratives, guest bloggers, Other sellers that run vintage fairs that she could be a part of therefore, profiting from a short blog.

Not only does it create opportunity, it documents your niche. In time and looking at the bigger picture, if you run into a possible investor or the like and they need to see your history, where better to send them but to your blog?

Nobody knows the image of your company better than you. If you are blogging for someone else’s company, make sure you know what they wish to achieve and what image they want to portray before you start.

Lastly, think about the easiest way for you to document your thoughts. Be it a recorder, note pad etc. My iphone is my brain. Whenever I think of anything worth talking about, I make a note of it. It really is that simple!

Tomorrow we will talk about the shape of your blog and how you will put it together.

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