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Your social media journey starts here!

More small businesses are using social media as a means to develop their business and generate leads. They use it to:

  1. Attract new customers

  2. Promote company brand

  3. Communicate their company news

  4. Keep in touch with their current customers

The main faux pas of most small businesses from our research is a lack of understanding of how social media can help them. Whether that be born of fear of ‘moving with the times’, a lack of creativity or just laziness, ultimately the business will suffer if you don’t jump on board!

Make it a habit.  Begin your day with a hour of writing, or if it’s easier for you, use your voice recorder and edit later.

I once read ‘The Artists Way‘ by Julia Cameron and one of her amazing tips for emptying ones mind to prepare for a creative day was to spend 20 minutes writing what ever is on your mind when you wake up with your morning coffee.  It didn’t have to make sense, it was just a way of draining your conscious and subconscious mind from whatever was in there to leave a fresh space for a new and productive day.  This really works! But if you are anything like me – I would need to use that copy somewhere!

Ta taaaa!

58% of small businesses post to their social media pages less than once a month, which leaves a massive area for improvement! They are unaware of how producing good content can be vital to their development and strengthen their repeat and new business leads.

Most are stuck on what content to produce.  Most are still thinking that less is more.  This can be true but the ‘less’ part has to be ‘more’ as far as Google and linking in and out goes.  Think about what is current and interesting about your niche and write about it! Include quotes from newspapers and articles you have read and seen. If your content lacks good, strong keywords and if you don’t include links within your content, then how do you expect others to find you?

Websites are also a huge part of the broken chains.  Just because you have spent time and/or good, honest money on what you think is a decent website, doesn’t mean that you will automatically rise through the ranks on Google and be at the front of the shop window for all to see.

Some of the most basic web pages, with full SEO rich content are the most popular, because of the SEO work that has gone into it. Watch out for our ‘How to make your website work for you’.  We will be posting this up shortly.

Also see our ‘think and tweet later’ article to read some basic tips on how to use twitter for your business.

Research, learn, and be open to new ideas and then share them!

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