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The Art of Self Promotion (3 of 5) Free Marketing Tips

How about beginning a audio or video tutorial for your niche?

Do you think that your audience will benefit from you offering them a mentoring service? Tips and Tricks for your specialist service?

Whether your skills lie in being a creative or an expert in your niche (you could be a great golfer or know how and when to pot certain plants a musician, or a retail manager, etc) Think of the qualities you could share with other businesses in your field or your online clientele.

Remember, we don’t sit on the stuff we have learnt. We share it. And you aren’t giving away all your hard work for nothing. You are documenting yourself as an expert in your chosen field and passing on valuable information to others to justify your cause – which in turn will provide a platform for future profit.  Remember, teaching is a great way to market yourself for free!

First, find your target audience, look at the most influential (you can utilise here) Write a list if it helps, then decide what you will use to present this service.

  1. YouTube? Don’t worry if you have a face for radio, video tutorials are becoming increasingly popular. I personally think a clip that is a bit rough around the edges is more endearing! As mentioned before in my blog on ‘Using your imagination‘, you also get the benefits of climbing the ranking ladder with you tube. As long as you tag your edits with the correct keywords of course.

  2. A podcast? Speaking into a voice recorder and presenting content in this way is beneficial for you target audience. It’s easy to listen and it’s up to you how you present your information. Perhaps a Q&A or a magazine style ‘show’, interviews with your peers, etc. Try using Garageband or Audacity for this.  You could even add music at the beginning and the end if you are clever! You can post podcasts to iTunes, other podcast sites, (search on google) attach them to your blog with the correct plugins, such as Powerpress for WordPress.

  3. A Blog? again, mentioned in ‘How to make your website work for you’ this can be as detailed or minimal as you wish. You may think that a ‘diary-style’ blog will support your cause, or you may think that bullet-point links or tips is the way forward. Either way, it’s one place that your customers can rely upon you justifying your existence!

Experts mentor. You are an expert…Go mentor!

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