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LOVE LOVE LOVE the @UKVolkswagen Social Media Campaign

This is one of the best uses of social media I have ever seen. I love it. Hard.

You see, what Volkswagen have done with their new site is they have got their head around what their customers want. We are bored with watching ads.  We have seen a trillion, fairly decent looking cars driving through a dessert with a top bird or hot spanish guy at the wheel, (with possibly a crisp white cotton shirt slightly open to the chest and a bead of sweat on his brow, Ahem.)

Anyway – the point is, the ads are not relevant anymore. The VW target market, which is probably one of the strongest in the car industry, want to interact. and connect.

If you are nosey want to know what I  chose as my ‘one things’ – then check out my personal film here! gives a high quality user experience.  It’s fun, quick and makes you think.  You have to enter the one song, one place, one food, one kiss, one sports team and one movie that you can’t live without. Then comes the magic. It actually personalises a short film with your answers! HOW COOL IS THAT?

If I was in the running for a new car – I’d be bashing down their VW doors. Pronto.

This ultimately binds loyalty of customers, makes a personal connection with customers and collates priceless data on the way.  GENIUS! and something we can all learn from.

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