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In 1 month I will be 1 and I am giving away 1 free gift!

It’s the month leading up to my first birthday! Yes in exactly 1 month (22nd November) I will be 1!  And I for one am loving the idea of being 1 again.  Although I would appreciate 21 a little more! Ahem.

This blog has covered everything from; starting up your social media network, building your brand online, Twitter tips, Facebook frolics, Pinterest picks, Linkedin laws, Do’s and Dont’s, marketing plans, strategies and campaigns, ballsy business plans, crazy content ideas and so much more!  If you have just joined us, take some time to zip through past posts, I guarantee you will find something beneficial!

In the light of this super duper birthday news, I will be giving away something quite special and in return, I want you to begin my very own hashtag! (Just what I’ve always wanted!)  #onlinePRUK – its that simple!

So, stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW and tweet ME @andreabritton a birthday message including the #onlinePRUK hashtag!

Thank you kind followers! You have made my day!

So, here’s what you get…

The first 20 people to tweet the hashtag gets a free PDF of my book currently on sale at all good eBook stores!  WHOO!  I will DM you if you are one of my lucky winners and get your email details and send RIGHT AWAY!  It’s full of handy tips and tricks for using core Social Media channels AND the best bit is that I have included 100s of juicy content ideas for you to use immediately!

What. Are. You. Waiting. For?

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