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How to run a brilliant Facebook ad campaign? Part 3

Ok – so we now know how to set up an ad campaign on Facbeook. But where to drive them is just as important. Driving fans to a page that contains a “Reveal Tab” hiding exclusive Fan content is the most effective way to convert visitors to fans.  And now Facebook has evolved somewhat, we can now add custom tabs and pages and tailor make them so only fans who have ‘liked’ your page can see certain content.  Genius!

Therefore, it would be a waste of an opportunity if you just directed them and get them to like your page without pushing it a little bit further! Capture their email address or offer them something extra…By advertising a page within Facebook you give people the ability to “Like” your page (Or RSVP to your event) without ever clicking on your ad.

And did you know, that advertising that contains Facebook features like the “Like” button is larger than any other advertising and certainly attracts more attention and drives a better CTR than an ad without these features. So think about it before you go for it!

Here are a few Facebook Advert Tips to bear in mind, when devising your ad:

  1. The higher your CTR (Click though rate) is, the lower your CPC (cost per click) will be.  Being aware of your CPC will save you from over paying.

  2. Test several different images to see which one works the best.

  3. Try targeting your different ad images to specific demographics to find the group that clicks through the most.

  4. When an ad shows the viewer that one of their friends has already “Liked” the ad, this increases the chance the viewer will click it.

  5. Offring free eBooks, videos, and eCourses are excellent ways to capture email addresses, and gain the trust of subscribers.

  6. If the CPC you are being charged is too high, change the ad and develop a more compelling one that will allow you to buy traffic at a more affordable rate.

  7. When viewing your Facebook Ads Insights dashboard, when you notice the “Action” keep in mind that this metric is the ‘number of fans that ad has generated’.

  8. By targeting an image and ad copy to a very specific and targeted demographic group, you can increase your click throughs.

  9. Targeting Fans of relevant pages on Facebook will help your campaign perform to the best of its ability.

  10. It generally takes between 1-6 hours to get an ad approved.

  11. Google Analytics allows you to track the inbound traffic to your website to ensure that your numbers match the numbers on your Facebook Insights dashboard.

  12. Target different age groups, genders, and interests, and determine which demographic converts the best.

  13. Please check with Facebook guidelines, before advertising. There will be stipulations on what you can advertise (Facebook favours high quality services and products).

  14. Use your own creative for your advertising.

  15. Advertisments that are bold, incentive, creative, and involve a call to action will get you many more clicks.

  16. If an ad has under performed and gotten a low CTR then stop this ad immediately and re-create it as a new ad.

  17. Images take up the most space of your ad, and can potentially attract the most attention. Test several different images against each other to see which one nets the best CTR.

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