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Bloggers Unite!

Those that have been writing a blog for longer than 6 months will now realise that keeping your content, fresh, readable and interesting is a task in itself.  You will also know that the management of that content and the implementation is also a huge commitment, let alone time consuming.

Well, there are a million or so plus other bloggers on this planet and you will already know (if you do your research well) that there are others doing what you do too!

Instead of looking these as your competition, let’s play around with the idea that they are your friends.

In the true soul of SOCIAL media, be social and get to know these people.  You will learn, share and feel comforted by knowing them and you will be able to help each other in so many ways.

Offering ideas of content, guest posts on each others blogs and so much more!

Have you thought about collecting blogs from others for your own blog?  Come in at a certain angle, for example; if you write about fitness or health, you could have an ‘expert health blog’ once a month where you contact a qualified teacher or doctor with questions etc.   If you are writing about vintage fashion, then contact all your favourite vintage shops in Brighton or Brick Lane and ask them to give you pieces for your blog.  You win friends, influence people AND bulk out your content whilst promoting others at the same time.  I have NEVER had anyone say no to me, when asking for content.

But, it is important to justify to your readers why you have asked/allowed these guests to blog and promote on your pages.  The angle that you present them with is hugely important.  It shouldn’t be just about promotion.  it should be a story, perhaps of how they started, what their favourite tips of the moment are, how they use a specific piece of software relevant to your industry etc.

Suddenly, your lonely office feels like a community!

Get the picture?

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