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5 Tips for motivational content…

What Actually Motivates Us To Share?

We covered a few points on the motivation of sharing last week.  Here are a few more tips…

1.Interesting or Insightful Material. People share material because they have find it useful or think others might find it interesting in some way shape or form. We are motivated to show others the stuff we think they will love. Alternatively,  people might share content which is relevant to them only,  but not necessarily the recipient -showing off their knowledge or  giving themselves an identity.

2.Advocative Sharing – We share to shout about causes, charities, songs, brands, people … we believe in. Sharing is driven by our need to maintain and build relationships with others. Therefore if we are passionate about a cause we would want others to build a relationship with it as well.

3.Social Validation – People share to build identity and to show what they care about and give people a sense of who they are.  They also tell us why they care for a specific thing. Some people  post updates of their day to day lives and they do this to feel connected and more involved with the world.

4.To Pass on Something Entertaining – We share to bring entertaining content to others. Humour is one of the main reasons why we are sharing content online.

5.Duty or Incentive – Incentive is a brilliant way to motivate someone to react to stuff you have posted online. This could be in the form of a discount or giveaway.

Have a good Monday!

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