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10 Tips for Great Content Marketing

To start churning out eye grabbing content is an art.  I don’t care what anyone else says.  Whether you are a small business, an individual or a brand. It simply HAS to hold peoples attention.  It makes your brand distinctive and creates a loyal fan base, which will eventually become productive and drive sales.

Now whether you are creating content to bring people back to your site, or whether you are building a brand online the ultimate goal is to make money from whatever it is you do, so your content has to reflect this and you then need to analyse what works and what doesn’t.

You certainly don’t need a big budget to do this which is why content marketing is the single best way to beat your competition online.

Content marketing used to be about newsletters, emails and mags. Now it includes blogs, ebooks, articles, videos and audio.  There are 5 things you need to bare in mind when thinking about your content from a marketing perspective.

  1. Preparation. Before you do anything, sit with a pen and paper and prepare the language, style and above all, goals you wish to achieve from your content.

  2. Make sure you brand is strong enough and has its own identity so you are able to define its voice.  Will it say. “This is the best restaurant in the area, we beat all the competition” or will it say; ” Hey we do the best antipasti this side of the water, come and try!”  Remember that your voice, is most probably your brands voice and so write as you speak in this instance.  Who are you attracting, how would you entice them in? Be knowledgeable, personable and efficient.

  3. Nowadays, the internet is bustling with great writers, start following people that rock your world and approach them to write for you. I have an ethos when buying clothes.  If the dress doesn’t jump off the hanger at me and scream “Wear me right now?” then I don’t buy it. Research your niche and strike up conversations with the writers that grab your attention. If you are providing a good enough platform for them to show off, then why wouldn’t they write for you?!

  4. Social media is about building relationships and communities within your niche. Think like that where your business is concerned and you will succeed.  It doesn’t have to be all done by you.  Grab your crew and get something special together.

  5. Within your content you should be persuading people to get in your gang.  Think about how you tackle your content with this in mind.

  6. Be opinionated but not aggressive and remember you are there to teach, inspire, create connections and learn.

  7. If you are selling something, instead of doing it outright, sell the benefits of what you are selling. How will if affect the customer, what will be easier for the customer if they have this? Why should they want it?

  8. Telling stories always work.  People can relate to something that has happened to someone and also can inspire people to do the same.

  9. When you give examples of certain things, base them on real situations. Use real people, interviews, case studies etc.

  10. Don’t be afraid of handing this job to someone else who is better qualified.   It really could be make or break.

I’d love to hear some of your content ideas that have worked for you!  Share with us here!

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