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what can your blog do for you?

What are you blogging about? What you write in your blog is important.  Nobody wants to know what you had for breakfast, or really, see the lovely view from your hotel rom.  Sorry.

Your blog as we have already ascertained (Building Your Brand Online) is another ambassador for your brand. So, if you are an entrepreneur, then don’t blog about being an entrepreneur if you don’t want to attract entrepreneurs!

Think about your target audience which in a lot of cases, is NOT yourself.  There are endless choices and ideas for you to write about that will enhance your brand and strengthen the loyalty of your customers. It just takes a bit of imagination.

For example, a company wanted a new website. So, they start a blog for a number of reasons, reasons that were viable for their business and making it a lot less expensive than paying for a website.

Let’s say they sold dog collars; ‘the canine collar company’ if you will.

Their blog would not only contain information about the product, how to buy the product and pictures of the product, it could have a completely interactive side that had videos of people using the product, letters from customers, competitions, sponsors etc.  I would sit down and think of all the things that reminded me of the product they sold and thought about tie-ins.

Why not write about doggy health issues, or become an outlet for dogs that need a home?

Do you get me?

There is more to their business than just selling a dog collar.

Why bother? I hear you cry.

Well, not only are you giving people a reason to return to your site – let’s face it, a dog collar is not something you buy regularly, but with a jam packed site of information on X, Y and Z, you are strengthening your brand to the customer ensuring you really CARE about your product and the dog!  I don’t know about you, but I would trust that time and time again.

Not to mention, this could open a squillion opportunities for your company.  Sponsorship, outlets, selling opportunities with large companies that buy in bulk maybe? The world is your oyster!

Who knows where it may lead (pardon the pun)

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