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The Age of Digital Branding: What is our Focus?

In my opinion there are a few things to pull your attention to:

  1. Making sure that people notice you

  2. Being an innovative thinker

  3. And forming relationships

The example I used yesterday about the Bridesmaids DVD works here to. Also take a look at McDonalds Facebook Page. I mean, would you think that people would go on this page, let alone have a ‘relationship’ with it!?

The answer is Yes! Take a look!

What they do best is relate to their employees and their employees friends. Ok, it’s a conglomerate of all conglomerates, but the concept is still foolproof.

Your job is to create the tools for people that you interact with and their friends. Which will in turn grow and grow, with their friends telling their friends and so on. Have you read “The Tipping Point” By Malcolm Gladwell? (If not, BUY IT!) it’s the same concept as the young lad in New York wearing the Hush Puppies and reigniting what was an old, tired brand into something amazing and hugely profitable.

You need to build relationships and keep the interest of your public. You need to be unique, stand out and get noticed.

To remain that way is a task in itself. It requires a lot of thought and talking to others to make sure you have a good firm grip on what you are about and where you are in the market.

You have a blank canvas in front of you. With all kinds of media at your fingertips. You don’t need money, (although it does help sometimes!) you need to be innovative and the relationship between you and your consumer is the main focus.

Tomorrow we will discuss these 3 points in more detail…

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