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The Age of Digital Branding: The 3 Main Focus Points Are…

Getting Noticed Online:

Imagine you are going to a work networking do and you don’t know a soul. If people already know who you are, then its not so bad and just being there will get you noticed by some. If you are ‘a nobody’ be ready with a plan before you start a conversation. You can see where I am headed here.

We talked about blogging all last week. It’s the year of the blog people, recognize. AND content is KING! Both social media and blogging are critical ways for a company to be active online. But don’t just jump in because you have to be there, research your audience and what the purpose of your digital brand will be. What story do you want to tell? How do you want people to feel, think, and act when encountering you?

One of my clients is a huge London Saturday Night Entertainment Brand. We have been looking at what type of person this attracts and because the answer is such a broad spectrum of people, it’s sometimes difficult to hone an idea specifically, but on the other hand, it gives you a much bigger stage to play with!

Getting innovative:

Don’t do what everyone else is doing for a start! People always want something new and exciting and don’t forget, simplicity and reliability is key. And at the core, you must offer something that uses the ‘tools’ everyone else is using in a brand new and innovative way. CREATE.

Forming Relationships:

When people spend time together, a relationship grows right? So use that same principle online. Again, remind yourself of my first blog, “Your Social Media Journey Starts Here”

To get people to remain engaged isn’t as hard as you think. What would you do in real life?!

Next Week we will continue the theme of Branding but will begin by building your perfect brand into a fully working machine.

Please leave me a comment and tell me about your favourite brands and why you love them! They will feature next Friday on my “Brand Wall of Fame!”

Have a fabulous weekend!

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