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SEO: The Basics (Part 2)

Small businesses need to understand that a great blend of SEO and Online Marketing is essential to success. Carrying on from last weeks post on basic SEO, the next steps in understanding the basics are as follows:


I would suggest Keyword research is vital to maintain around 4-6 time a year, dependent upon your industry. You may think you know what words people search for when they are looking for your business, but you will most probably be surprised when you do a proper analysis.

Contact Pages

It may seem obvious, by search engines collate their information by crawling your pages and providing users with the best information at their fingertips. Local search engines now play a vital role in this search and you need to present your business name, address, phone number and email address clearly on your webpages.

Have you Claimed your Local Listing?

As mentioned a few weeks ago, to claim your business on Google is an absolute must but also local business directories such as yelp, yellow pages and white pages also adds to rankings.


Gaining reviews, articles, blog posts and online directories listings across the web is also a huge part of marketing nowadays. Many sites will be considered by Google to be influential about local information or information relevant to your industry.

Happy Researching!

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