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How To Promote a Charity Event Online

If you have a charity event coming up, it’s vital that as many people as possible know when it’s happening to make sure it will be a success. Whether you’re raising money for a charity with a sporting event, an auction or community fair, there are lots of quick and free online tools to help generate publicity for your cause.

Supporting a worthwhile cause is an excellent opportunity to show potential customers that your business is more than just a faceless organisation and can help you make a difference in your local community.

Here’s how to start promotion for your next charity event:

1. Motivate your existing contacts Use your company contact lists to inform your supporters about any upcoming charitable events. Make sure to send save-the-date emails to your entire contact list and future reminders shortly before the main event.

2. Engage with the local community Local communities are the lifeblood of charitable activity and there are many channels that companies can use to connect potential donors. Many community sites feature an events or calendar listings, which allow you to upload information charity events to their database or online forums.

3. Use a reputable donation platform Ticket sales and donations are crucial to the survival of charity organisations and it’s important to make it as easy as possible for your supporters to donate money. Sites as Just Giving or Eventbrite are free to run and simple to set-up.

4. Social networks spread the word Facebook and Twitter can save costs on advertising budgets and promotional activity. Word can travel fast through friendship groups on social networks like Facebook, and many people are more likely to donate to a cause if it’s one that has been endorsed by one of their connections.

5. Get blagging Don’t be afraid to ask for a favour. When people know that they are supporting a good cause, they are more likely to be open to giving extra help. It’s worthwhile getting in touch with local print press, bloggers and radio or TV to see if they can help you raise awareness about your event or offer free advertising.

This blog post has been provided by Evently.

Evently is marketing software that makes it super easy for anyone to promote their event and make it a success.  From one place, create your event marketing, share it across multiple social and online channels, and quickly see how your marketing is performing.

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