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How Often should you BLOG?

Well, how much time does one have really!?  And if you are one of those people shouting “NONE!” , you’ll be glad to know that there are options!

Obviously, depending on how much you know about traffic and the ins and outs of Google, you will be able to guess that the more you blog, the more traffic you will create.  Now, that may feel like a whole world of content for you to produce, but if you are clever and plan it out properly, it should be worth all the time and that arm of your business or career will motor along smoothly adding value and all the lovely things that social media brings to the table!


If you can, post daily.  It’s not essential but as mentioned above, it can generate more traffic to your site in the long run.  But be realistic.  I started daily posts with this very blog, but it got too much. I use simply didn’t have the time to continue that regularly, so I have cut it to thrice a week.  (Still well worth a follow though eh!?

As far as content goes, I am collating an ebook of content ideas that will be available very soon, so bookmark me for updates.

For example, if you are retail shop, you could post pictures of items on sale, competitions, etc. but  do nominate someone to manage the blogs/ tweets etc and make it part of their job. It is integral to your marketing campaigns and keeps close interaction and engagement between yourself and your customers.

If you aren’t one of the lucky ones, with a spare staff member, or you work alone, then you have no choice but to dedicate time to this yourself or find someone on the outside that can do the job for you.

My clients range from a Thames Party Boat to a Vintage Clothes Seller.  Social Media Management is universal and obviously the more creative you are, the better but know that it is worth it and also know that the more time and effort you post something up online, the more it will come back to you and enhance your business.

For enquiries on social media management, please email

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