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Content and Social Media Ideas for the Vintage Fashion Industry

vintage fashion

I have a friend who runs a vintage fashion label.  My Vintage Affair. She also runs fairs across London.  I have also worked on Wayne Hemingway’s Vintage Festival in 2011 and through this made many contacts in the Vintage Industry.  I have had many questions from these folk asking how they can vamp up their online presence so I thought I would pop a few ideas down this week.

There are of course (and here comes the plug) more ideas in my book “One Giant Leap Into Social Media Marketing” which is available online. “Cough..buyit cough”.

So, Whether you are an online retailer a real life retailer or a brand that needs a kick up the backside, also, assuming your logo, page design and database are up to scratch; here are a few pointers to get your online presence rocking:

1. Jot down your online strategy. Write down what you wish to achieve and devise a  cunning plan to get there.

2.Take pictures of your stock and instead of just posting them up on your blog, Facebook etc. Turn it into a competition or form of engagement with your followers.  i.e Guess the year this frock was made! or Have you seen a celebrity adorning something like this of late? Who does this remind you of?

3. If, like many others, and this is a particularly brilliant one in Shoreditch… you run vintage fashion fairs, take photos of people at the fairs and do a ‘best dressed’ comp or the like. There are hundreds of ways in which to get your clients in on the action, get them to write up a post on their experience or get them to take photos etc. Remember, the key is engagement and so the more creative you are the better!

4. Manage and keep your database up to date. Engage with them. Offer a 3-month – 6month newsletter. Don’t just sell yourself in your newsletter. Coplete your personality.  Include videos, music, news, events.

5. Look for brand appropriate products and business that can enhance your brand.  i.e. if you sell female clothes, look for someone that sells menswear and join forces. You sell frocks? Find an accessories or furniture buyer and become affiliates for each other.

6. Contact brand appropriate people for back links/ad links. This is a great way of making a profit by forwarding people onto your ‘clan’ and vice versa. You simply contact them asking to put a link to your site from theirs and offer the same! If they are forward thinking enough, they will go for it!

7. Contact people presenting Vintage Events and offer to sell tickets for them via your site. You then reach each others target market and potentially gain more for your database.

8. Music and visuals always work well together. Take a look at the Vintage Festival Facebook Page. Ok, they have a PR company working on this daily, but they do it well. Learn from them and see how you can adapt ideas into your posts. Don’t copy them though! Think about your personality and what makes your brand individual and bare your soul!

9.Write a book! Bring back the catalogue! Publish a small book with pictures of your stock and inspiration, where you found the items etc. Use to release the book on iTunes, Amazon, for iPad, iphone and kindle etc.  It costs around 99USD to publish and distribute.  Another way of getting your brand out there, another ‘squeeze page’ to promote that will eventually lead people back to your main domain. Plus you are showing people you take it very seriously!

Keep an eye on:

Hope these give you some inspiration!

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