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5 Key Points For Your Marketing Strategy

If you have agreed with me previously on how strategy is key in planning your marketing efforts, then we are one step closer to reaching your business goals.

Whether you are a hair salon, a cafe, an Ecommerce business or a brand, either way marketing is changing still and plans need to be made mostly to be able to assess progress and understand your return.

I have so many clients that still are wanting to be convinced into using social media and online marketing for their business. In fact, I actually now say, I am not here to convince you to use these necessary tools in helping your business grow. You do that part. But they came to me, so I suppose whether it was because they thought they ought to or they had an inkling of an idea on what they wanted to do. Either way, they are nearly there.

Here are my 5 key points to cover when writing a marketing strategy.  Please note, this is not an outline or template to a marketing strategy, but notes on the awareness you should have when writing one.

1. Know your target audience like the back of your hand.

Write all about them.  Their ages, where they live, what music they like, where they hang out, what they are talking about with their friends etc. Imagine you are invisible and you can actually see the lifestyle and personalities of these people. Know them. Personally. This will help you in delivering the kind of content they want to read.

2.Content Research

From this understanding start looking at content online and offline that you could post to get their attention. Whether it be news, trends, discussions on pop culture, entertainment, advice, education etc. What will make your target market listen and engage with you?

3. Timings

Understand the best times to post up your content.  What with the amount of apps and third party programs that allow you to post up on Twitter and Facebook etc. this, among other things, is slowing the whole process down and that, coupled with Edgerank (Facebook’s algorithm) it’s harder for your posts to get seen now, more than ever so the right timings are crucial for your target market to see what you are posting.

4.Brand Persona

When writing the tone of voice for your brand, service, company or product, it’s crucial to be consistent. Do not go off brand at any point. If you have agreed to be chirpy and funny, don’t all of a sudden have a rant or complain about something! Readers will quickly understand your persona and this will increase brand loyalty.


Understand the message that you are putting out on you social media channels before you post anything. This is crucial and goes hand in hand with the key reasons why you are on there in the first place.  It’s a myth to say ‘I am on Facebook because I have to be’, or ‘because its the future’ etc.  You have a set of goals, know what they are, understand how to achieve those goals with the message you are sending out to your target market.

If you would like an online marketing strategy written for your company, please email me on

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