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What Colour Should You Use On Your Website?

Happy Monday people! Hope you’re weekend was a restful one.

I thought a nice colourful subject to ease us into the week was the order of the day.  We all know that colour is important, especially when choosing the right one for your company, brand and promo material.  In one instance it could change someones perception of what you do and how you do it.  That is why you should take time and either think or re-evaluate what schemes you are using right now.

According to KISSMetrics…

  1. 93% of consumers place colour and appearance above other factors when making a buying decision.

  2. 85% of shoppers state colour as the primary factor in their decision to buy a product.

  3. Brand recognition, which links directly to consumer confidence, is increased by 80% when the right colors are used.

There is a definite pyschology to colour and their meaning and it’s important to know what specific colors mean  before you decide what colour your brand, image and website should be. It’s been proven that certain colours invoke specific feelings and emotions in most people therefore think about what you want to make someone feel when they think of your brand and go backwards!  Are you providing a service? selling a product? promoting yourself?  Do you want to make someone feel relaxed? excited? angry?

Here are a few colour meanings for you to get you on your way!

Red: High Energy. Creates urgency and increases heart rate. Great for shopping sites, stand out boxes and design.

Yellow: Youthful and optimistic. Grabs attention. Usually not good as a background or the main colour of a site. Works as at Call To Action colour.

Gray: Most associated with the practical, timeless, middle-of-the-road, solid things in life. Too much gray leads to feeling mostly nothing; but a bit of gray will add that rock solid feeling to your product. Silver is an off-shoot of gray and often associated with giving a helping hand, strong character.

Pink: Feminine and romantic. Used to market to women and girls and traditional buyers. Hot pink is an excitably colour.

Green: Gives the impression of wealth. Relaxing and easy-going. Also the right shade can give off a fresh, earthy and real feeling.

Orange: Aggressive and excitement. Good for calls to action and impulse buying.

Purple: Luscious, soothing and calming. Often used to market anti-aging products and plush restaurants!

Blue: Creates feelings of trust and security. Always used by banks, Navy or dark blue  is used to market to the budget-conscious.

Black: Powerful and sleek. Very design friendly. Use it to market luxury products and appeal to arty and minimal types.

More reading here.

And check back to my “post about domain names an business” it pays to get all these things right the first time!

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