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What Are You Selling?…

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

…And who are you selling to?

That should be the question on every marketers mind, at all times. It actually doesn’t matter if you are selling houses or makeup, a plumber or business consultancy, what matters is how you are selling it and to whom.


Do you live, breath and dream what you are selling? If not, it probably won’t sell (as well). Good marketing comes from ‘being’ the consumer. Being able to write a story that you relate to and believing the story you are telling, because you want it to be true. Even when perhaps, you don’t need it to be. Good marketing can make positive change in the world, there are no doubts about that. But a good story behind anything, that relates to the people you are selling it to, is something that all marketers are trying to achieve.


Forget the masses. Concentrate on the niche. Tell a good story and your ‘niche’ will do the hard work for you and spread your story to the masses.

Whats yours?

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