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Twitter; The Next Step

OK, So you’ve got your twitter page looking hot, you’ve written your 3-month campaign and have a decent strategy in place.

Then comes the networking right?

Imagine you have been invited to one of those work events, you’ve got your name badge and you are fully equipped with a head full of mind numbing questions that you really don’t need to know the answers to, wine in hand – off you go. GULP.

One of the upsides of twitter is that you can do all this in your PJs from the comfort of your own home.

Ok that is a HUGE bonus. Ahem.

But just as if you were in the swanky hotel bar with numerous other networking types with one objective – to win your business, people get bored. They turn off and think about the next glass of wine or if there is any eye candy in the room.

Then won’t those in the know on twitter eventually see through this networking mind field and do the same? Of course they will!

Firstly, whether you are conglomerate or a small local business, I believe it helps to rank yourself, know your place and then look at the businesses above you to see how they are working it.

How do they stand out from the twitter sheep?

What makes people stop and listen to you in that hotel bar (apart from your gorgeous big smile of course)? What makes people stop and read what the bigger boys are doing?

The answer is Information.  Free information is even better. Don’t be precious and hoard information like you own it.  Someone has already thought of it before you!

How many times do you sit at your desk and have a brainwave idea?  I normally have mine walking the dog. Well, instead of sitting on it, then eventually forgetting about it – write it down and share it to your peers and customers.

Imagine you are the Santa Claus of information. Spreading all that lovely, juicy, relevant content to your social circles! – Imagine the follow backs!

Oh and it really does pay to follow back!

If you would like a follow back or a stumble – please leave a comment with your web address!

What are your thoughts on using Twitter to schmooze? How do you do it and what’s your feedback rating?


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