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Three major Twitter Facts…Did you know…

Tweets that are filled with hashtags get 5% fewer click-throughs than those without hashtags. Say Social Media B2B.  So why use them? I hear you cry.  Well, I can only take from this that you have to use them sparingly and at the right time.  Hashtags, when talking about a specific subject or event obviously help you join in the conversation and network with people that are talking about the same thing, but if you are using them loosely, for example, #ireland #typical #grass is greener, etc. will slow down the click throughs, therefore traffic, therefore ultimately, sales. So think before you #hashtag.  Ahem.

If you follow number on Twitter is more than the number of people following you, you could harm your Twitter account’s SEO potential. Search engines “trust” those with more Twitter influence, and following many more people than follow you isn’t always an indicator of that say Marketing Profs/  You do the Maths.

Sad, vague, boring tweets are better kept to yourself. A little personality is fun. Questions and answers, statements and stats are all good content fillers for Twitter.  See my week of  Twitter Tricks post for more ideas. But for the most part, stay professional and positive. And always, always stay classy, of course!

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