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“#Riverfood is posh #streetfood on the River!” @riverfoodldn

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

philip cooper

Philip Cooper

“#Riverfood is posh Street Food on the River” Says Phil Cooper, one of the instigators of the brand new foodie event.

“Catering for over 100 people, with limited cooking space, limited tools and mainly ingredients sourced from The River Thames Estuary will be a challenge, to say the least.”

One of the many reasons #riverfood exists is to launch Coopers Restaurant Consultants, of which I am a partner with Phil alongside Arno Marsman.

Together, we specialise in making people in the food business succeed. Whether they own a restaurant, bar, deli or food truck.  We save them money, teach them, train them, market them and give their brand a voice whilst building their online communities and loyal customers. Sounds simple right? With sacks full of experience and a shed load of bright ideas, yes it is!

So, #riverfood, launching the business is a self-indulgent, yet clever ploy to bring another ground-breaking branded event onto the foodies list! Ahaa!

My family own a boat on the Thames, Absolute Party Cruises (@mvroyalty) – venue sorted! Phil is a Masterchef, Arno can run an event with his eyes wired shut and I am an online marketing whizz. What a dream team!

andrea britton

The ethos? The Street Food phenomenon has taken over the world and as much as we are huge fans and will continue to be, it was time for something new. Phil had started to consult in

various restaurants, Thames side, asking them why they don’t utilize what The Thames has to offer?  Use locally sourced ingredients, “KEEP IT LOCAL!” (He get’s quite passionate about it actually.) He is an advocate of good honest food, cooked well.


Many of the ingredients Phil has added to the #riverfood menu are highly underused, Pike, for example. I can’t go into it too much as I will get lynched if I let the menu secrets out. I can say, however, that Hollow Shaw have been our main suppliers and it was a joy for Phil to get down and dirty with these boys. They really know their stuff and catch EVERYTHING themselves. Plus, it’s just down the banks of the Thames, past Gravesend – so anyone could pick up the fresh fish, anytime! I promise to post up all info and a full account after the event!

smoked salmon2

Phil finishes by saying; “It was a shame that the Meantime Brewery wouldn’t come on board, we used their beer in one of the dishes too and really wanted them to join us on our event. But we are really looking forward to presenting this concept to London, even though I will be hard at work at the stove on the back deck. We are all very excited!”


#riverfood launches on Sunday 21st July on Festival Pier aboard the MVRoyalty boat from 1.30-4.30pm. Guests must arrive by 1.15 on the pier. Tickets £24.95

Eventbrite - #riverfood
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