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Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Our first event on gozo!

LIQUID SPIRIT Gozo was EPIC! It was so amazing seeing over 500 people loving Gozo Island!

It was not only our socials that have been on fire since you all left Gozo but the overwhelming feedback of staff, suppliers and local businesses has been immense. I could not be more grateful.

Watching all our hard work and planning become a reality was nothing short of joyful and to see so many happy smiling faces, and such a warm and wonderful crowd on Gozo Island topped was the icing on the cake!

It was all worth it.

I want to say a huge thank you to Vini e Capricci by Abraham's. We spent a wonderful afternoon at our Soul Food Pop Up, and it was made super special by meeting Carmen and Rose, our comp winners who we know had an enjoyable time with us dancing the afternoon away!

Danny and I are super excited to launch our 2024 dates. It might feel a long way off but there are numerous reasons why we do this that I wanted to share with you...

  1. Accommodation gets booked up to 12 months in advance on Gozo therefore if you want the pick of the bunch at the best price, it's best to bag yours early. You can still find places to stay in Gozo all year round, but the best places will be booked and you will be charged more. It's good to note that most places offer free cancellation and don't take payment until the time of booking.

  2. We are offering a holiday as well as a Boutique Festival. We want you to relax, explore and discover this wonderful island and all it has to offer.

  3. You have a year to plan around the dates and get the best flight offerings.

Early Birds on sale on Sunday 1st October at 1pm.

LSG2024 will be a little different to this year (gotta keep it fresh!) and we know you will be over the moon with what we have up our sleeves. In fact, one of the reasons Gozo is so perfect for our event is that it has so many offerings. I often call it the onion. You can keep peeling off the layers and find something new each time. There are plenty of places to explore, experiences to enjoy and most importantly, it doesn't break the bank.

The festival sites will mostly be in Xlendi and Marsalforn (in that order) and we will have Pop Ups in other locations on the island. The boats leave from Mgarr which is where you enter the island on the ferry. With this in mind, I advise to search for accommodation in those places, but, it really doesn't matter where you are as Gozo is super easy to navigate and getting around is easy, whether it be by bus, taxi, ecab or buggy!

Events are made special by the people who attend them. You can spend as much time as you wish creating a knockout party but if it's filled with the wrong people, what's the point? Many of your I know well, and some I was privileged to get to know this year. It has been wonderful to spend this time together and I really look forward to more of that SPIRIT in 2024.

Andrea X


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