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Ours and our readers favourite Blogs of the moment!

We’ve put together a small list of respectable blogs suggested by our readers (and one or two from OPT!) Suggested by @purplecomm. An informative blog from the US with a mix of ASL and English content. Suggested by @basilpuglisi. They write about anything from social media to branding to mobile technology.

Jonathan Payne @socialgameplan gives a shout out to @lewishowes. Claiming that after watching 2 of his videos, his business began! We like!

@sdtechadvisors writes about all things related to accounting.

A blog that does what it says on the tin ‘Vintage Guide To London’,  is written beautifully by Lena Weber and always gives us girls a reason to return! A Vintage Guide To London…

Suggested by the ever reliable @thetysonreport was Brad Howard’s which offers views on digital media, new ideas and ‘business in the real world’.

@SADSAustralia are shouting out for and saying they both have really helpful tips and great for motivation.  We agree! Mr Robert Caruso @fondalo is an utter genius! – great publicity tips and ideas for entrepreneurs written by @elenaverlee. And what a GREAT name! Written by the wordsmith @liagrandi. Gives you a posh fashion fix and lots of great tips on beauty.

If you would like to blog for OPT – please feel free to get in touch!  We want your predictions of what will drive social media in 2012!

Have a great weekend and happy blogging!

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