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Online PR Tips – Think and Tweet Later!

Think and Tweet Later!

Here are our simple twitter rules for a trustworthy campaign!

Building communities is SO important. Your customers/clients need to feel very important. They care far less about your advertising than about what your other customers are saying about you and how you respond to your customers is vital to success!

Having an ‘active twitter presence’ enables you to demonstrate strong customer service, rather than just claiming you offer it! You also don’t want to look at it all too logically! – people will so see through your plan of action! – be human, helpful and honest!

1. Generate awareness and leads, new prospects 2. Service customers 3. Expanding reach and creating a buzz 4. Sharing and participating in ‘industry conversation 5. Gaining info on competitors 6. Monitoring brands rep 7. Building relationship with community 8. Distributing content (SEO Rich) 9. Offering discounts, newsletters, ebooks… 10. Crowd source ideas 11. Finding or cultivating brand advocates (head honchos) 12. Customer feedback on new offerings 13. Develop relationships with bloggers and journalists for PR 14. Establish brand position b reinforcing vision, purpose, how you are different from other club nights and how you are relevant. Keep this current

What to tweet! You have to learn how best to engage with your followers…whilst creating new ones…

1. Answer peoples questions, provide value and create trust 2. Help others, pass on info, Wikipedia, fun facts etc. 3. RT the good stuff 4. Ask questions 5. Mention people (and if you know your audience you will provide the best content, create loyal ‘friendships’ and a loyal fan base. 6. Decide on a couple of #’s and stick with them through the campaign 7. Always remember to #ff. choose the people you have interacted with that week, plus some new people that you wish to introduce to those people, OR new people you wish to meet! 8. Link to relevant stuff you are reading, that’s on Facebook, any other media.

Remember, always plan ahead – Think and Tweet Later! Please leave a comment if you found this useful!

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