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It’s Role Play…

Just because you don’t like it……it doesn’t mean that someone else won’t.

Marketers have a job to create messages for things with an ultimate aim to connect with people. If you wouldn’t buy the product, or use the service then how could you possibly believe that someone else would?

The only way to find out if the thing is worth your energy is to delve deep. Ask around, not just in your friendship groups but further afield. Create a focus group and pick the group carefully. Use market segmentation to create a varied community of people that will answer the questions you have. Think about where they live, what they earn, what they do, what age they are, what lifestyle do they have, what music they listen to, where they go on holiday, what do they buy into already? Facebook tells you all this information.

Then select a definitive short questionnaire that will shed light.

A good marketer will get into the consumers head. Live in it for a while and learn what will make them engage. It’s role play.

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