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Facebook Photo Tagging…WHY!?

Why should you tag yourselves on Facebook?

Facebook say: “Photo tagging for Facebook Pages enables people to share richer stories with friends about the things they interact with in the real-world, such as businesses, brands, celebrities, and musicians.”

OPT says, yes we agree but if you are a brand, business, celebrity or musician the benefits are more enticing.  We’ve all had the odd drunken picture put up of us at the Christmas party (eww), we’ve all seen our ex flaunting his new bird down the local, but we’ve all seen pix of our mums looking gorge in her 60’s get-up and the pictures of the wedding that we couldn’t make…

Obviously there are pro’s and cons.  And as with everything, it caused a lot of controversy in its embryonic stage, the EPI filed complaint after complaint saying that it invaded peoples privacy and started a huge investigation but there is no getting away from the fact that the facial recognition that Facebook have developed is brilliant – even Google + are jumping on the bandwagon (Ahem) and to all the down sides, one must always truly look on the positive.  Either that or get ulcers.

Anyway, so…you post a picture of the crowd at your last gig that you egotistically took from the stage (we’ve all done it) and you shout out to all your fans “Tag yourselves”.  All of a sudden, they tag themselves and it appears on their wall for THEIR friends to see.  It’ll spread like wildfire.

Do we need another reason?

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