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Are You a Serial Poster?

No, I don’t mean an advertisement for Frosties. I’m talking Social Media. Withough careful thought and a strategy for your social media channels it’s highly likely you’ll end up in a mess or finding yourself posting stuff now and again when you have the time. What are you doing that for? What are you trying to achieve? and how will you know when you get there?

Working out how social can benefit your business is the first step and sticking to the plan whilst understanding challenges, differences, failures and productiveness is key. If there is more than one person posting on your Facebook page, shared objectives are vital. So before you create your strategy, read the following:

Stop. Don’t just publish, post, sell and show off.

Engage. It’s got to be a two way street. Its SOCIAL. Utilise that sparkling personality of yours and meet and greet people, and if you are a wall flower, you shouldn’t be doing this job.

Create. Be creative and think of brilliant ways to be better than the rest.

Monitor. Watch insights, keywords, topics, key influencers and competition closely.

I will refer you back to The Connection Cycle. If you remember this, you will be great at getting the best out of social.

The Connection Cycle

The Connection Cycle

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