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Want a FREE VIP Ticket to the Digital Marketing Show? @DMSLDN

Are you going to the Digital Marketing Show? Do you want to go VIP Stylee for FREE? This is what VIP access gets you:

  1. Fast track entry (no one likes a queue)

  2. Reserved seating at presentations (no one likes to stand/lean)

  3. Invites to networking breakfasts (yum)

  4. A Naked Wine Voucher (Ahem)

  5. A £70 Discover Digital module (educational)

  6. VIP Lounge Entry (Yes! Look at me!)

I’m really excited about this event and am also one of just 16 women out of 116 speakers at the event. (Gulp!).  My first public speaking event (gulp, gulp) but clearly not my first time in front of an audience I hear you cry!  No. But, I’m sure I shall let you know (in great detail) if singing in front of a crowd of 50,000 and talking in front of a potential 50 seated plus standing, is anywhere near as much fun. (She says with a rather big dollop of Bridget Jones sarcasm).


Anyway – I have been given, by the powers that be, 5 Digital Marketing Show ‘VIP tickets’ that include:

All you have to do is Tweet (via @andreabritton)

“I’d like a VIP Pass pretty please!”

First 5 I get win! Simples!

Join The Digital Marketing Show on TwitterLinkedInFacebook.

See you there!


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