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Use your imagination and your business will succeed!

It’s a creative market out there. Now more than ever and business is not just for the academic, techno minded geeks. Anyone can start their own business (as long as you have a great idea, with legs of course!)

Technology has allowed people like me, (academically challenged, ahem) to flourish and enhance their natural skills – the ones they were born with and make a go of their own business.

I personally thank Steve Jobs for making my life so easy behind a screen. I am a true sucker for anything with the Apple logo attached and although I am not easily bought, I have well and truly chomped up every product they have churned out!

So you have your idea, you have sussed out the competition, sleeves rolled to the elbows and you ask yourself ‘What makes you different to the opposition?”

The answer is you!

Your personality, your ideas, your drive IS your business. And with social media at your beck and call, it has never been easier to reach out and generate leads.

It’s how you generate them that grabs people. Business owners, like me who aren’t born with the gift of a business brain are able to develop their skills and shine through with technology and also go steaming ahead of more established companies. I sometimes argue that established brands lose that thing called personality, but the better ones employ the creatives or work harder on these issues. Being a small business it’s obviously easier to maintain your disposition than a large multinational corporation but it is so important that your clients feel your character throughout your marketing campaigns.

Invest time and energy into understanding your clients and what they need out of you and the ideas will flow into how you will ‘make the sale’.

You could employ someone to do this for you, but it would be highly expensive and you would never get the results you could achieve yourself. Nobody knows your business like you!

Ask yourself:

‘What do I most want my customers or clients to remember about me?’

‘What will get them most excited and wanting more?’

‘How can I describe my company so that the description makes it easily understood?’

‘How do I put my content into the right context?’

It could be as easy as sending a tweet to the right person. I recently read that a tweeter sent a message to Charlie Sheen requesting help in raising money for a charity and amazingly he responded and retweeted their message. He has over 5 million followers – can you imagine something you have written reaching out to that many people just by one little tweet!?

Use your imagination, dissolve yourself in your cause and talk to people about it constantly. You’ll never know what ideas may flow if you don’t!

Charlie Sheen

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