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This is a GREAT Campaign because….

It’s Easter. I think of chocolate. Correction. I think of chocolate every day. Ahem. This is a seamless link into my favourite social media campaign of the moment. @CadburyUK.

Gotta love Cadbury…they are not only a brilliant brand, but they use social media at the heart of all their marketing efforts. Very well.

We can all learn from their efforts, whether our business or brand is big of small.

So well in fact their last campaign earned them an extra 40,000 followers on Facebook alone. This particular campaign was a celebration of them reaching 1m Facebook fans. And it was really cool. Take a look below.

The facts of the matter, pre-campaign were that only 16% of their followers saw their content on Facebook so it needed a boost. Big time. They needed to entertain these people sitting there, increase the reach and get them all engaging with their brand. So, what better way to do that than build a giant Facebook Thumb (AKA a ‘like’) out of Dairy Milk!

So simple, yet brilliant at the same time! We salut you Cadbury! And they succeeded!

They used little teaser ads in the build up to the event, then live streamed the whole thing, wait for it……in a studio decorated with user-generated content and photos. Their PR team were also on the money by responding, live, to the responses, requests and comments of fans. SO cool.

The result? Cadbury gained 40,000 Facebook fans and more than 350,000 people were actively involved in this campaign. Apparently, some people left the live feed running for hours on end.  Oh yeah – you would be surprised what people do!

So – what can we take from this?

a) don’t over think your campaign

b) keep it simple but creative

c) plan it properly stage by stage and know your objectives.

What campaigns have you used of late that have had good results?

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