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The Social Media Blaggers won’t last…

We talked on Monday about what it takes to be a social media expert.

I believe Jim Cockburn would completely disagree with Mr Joel Mackey.  A complete contradictory opinion, (in MY opinion). And although, both well respected guru’s of marketing, I find their offerings highly contagious.

Mr Cockburn, who is a real muse of mine and after reading his book “101 Low and No Cost Ways To Grow Your Business” made the journey that had not quite transpired in my head, fall into a place whereby I could develop my business to the next level. His book is full of practical tips and ideas. The one (of many) things I loved about his proclamations, is that he says, if you have knowledge on a subject, whether trained or self-taught, you can lead by example and pass on that learning to others for their benefit.  Here, here!

This kind of attitude is what Social Media is all about.  I believe that people still don’t get it!  As Jim says I so many words, It’s a free way of helping others and in turn, helping yourself.

We refer back to the article spoke about on Monday “You’re NOT a social media expert, you idiot” by Joel Mackey.  And his brilliantly fluffy description of the ‘natural social media experts’ as ‘generally fuzzy, loveable, nice supporting, helpful and nurturing’  Well, why not?! If there were more people like that in the world, generally, wouldn’t it be a much more desirable place to live!? Less crime, less injustice… I could go on, but you get my drift! Down girl.

Yes the more time goes by, social media will become saturated, just like the 80s did with used car salesmen, but they will not withstand time!  And with the help of all the good people out there making an honest living, we can shut them down!  Has anyone recently had a spout of pornographic women following them on Twitter? They seem to come in 4’s. Pardon the pun, but it is so tiring.  How do you see this transpiring? I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Now getting back to what Jim (and I) both believe, if you have a natural passion for something, playing the guitar or growing tomatoes, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to profit from it,  BUT it’s possible AND you could write a blog, or a video tutorial, that teaches others how to…just for fun or part of a bigger picture.  i.e. never understood why Homebase don’t write a gardening/how to put up a shelf blog or the like.  Think of the ongoing consumers they would attract!

But, There are certain things that you simply can’t blag. And much like the brilliant Channel 4 programme ‘Faking It’, where random people were trying to prove that they did something specific for a living, when they didn’t. Without expert advice, training and a constant daily crash course in ‘X’, even then it was still hard for them to prove that they weren’t cheating.

Blaggers have a lifespan.  Phew. And in this day and age, with a bit of design savvy, research and money, anyone could set up a business offering a service, product or brand but only the strong survive.  So do your research, engage with people before you trust them, because trust has to be earned, especially if you are looking for someone to promote you or your business online.

100% of my clients know I know them.  I only take on people I believe in.

Their social media goals are clear and reasonable and we work together to maintain all areas of promotion online, leaving no stone unturned.

Read the brilliant Jim Cockrums Blog here.

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