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The definition of Facebook’s Main Insights..

Those not familiar with Facebook Insights here’s a brief explanation.They are analytics that give you better insight into what your community wants from your pages.  It centres around interaction and development of fans. Its the perfect way to measure your social media performance.  Up on the left sidebar underneath your profile pic, you will find Insights.

Here are the definitions of the main Facebook Insights.

1. Main Insights:  Here you can view every post you have written, and which was most viewed, talked about etc.  You can sort the posts by descending/ascending value.

2. Reach is the number of unique users who saw your post. Keep an eye on this one as you ideally want to know the number of people you are reaching more frequently. Monitor how many times folk are seeing your content each week.

3. Talking about this: is the number of people who have liked, commented or shared your post. Of if you asked a question, the responses.

4. Engaged Users: is the number of unique people who have clicked on the post.

5. Virality: is the ‘Talking about this” number divided by the “Reach” number.

The ones you want to look at most is the ‘Engaged Users’ and ‘Virality”. Why? Because you want to know what type of posts are getting the most engagement and why. This will help you connect easier in the future. You may find that your followers respond to a photo more than a link etc.

You can read more on Facebook Insights here.

I have been busy writing my first book folks and I have nigh on finished it.  A few finishing touches and we will be there.

It is brimming with tips and tricks that will have your project, business, brand of career buzzing in no time.

All my follows will get the chance to download it for free for a certain period of time so watch this space and don’t miss out!

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