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The Connection Cycle

Marketing has changed. It is about people, relationships, trust, loyalty, giving and sharing. Just like Christmas! 

It’s about connection and we are living in the connection economy. 

I would like to share with you ‘The Connection Cycle’. The Connection Cycle will help you to achieve the ultimate connection.

This is something we all hope for in business when marketing to and winning over our audiences right? Please remember: there is no set formula for real connection but be aware of this cycle and you will recognise when it happens, maximise the results of each stage, gain as much out of each relationship as possible.

In the connection economy, there’s a dividing line between two kinds of projects: those that exist to create connections, and those that don’t.

The internet is a connection machine. Virtually every single popular web project (eBay, Facebook, chat, email, forums, etc.) exists to create connections between humans that were difficult or impossible to do before the web.

When you tell us about your business or non-profit or public works project, tell us first how it’s going to help us connect. The rest will take care of itself.” Seth Godin

connection cycle
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