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#riverfood: The Campaign

Updated: Mar 10, 2020


The idea was to use #riverfood to launch and bring attention to Coopers Restaurant Consultants. A Food and Beverage Service Start-up and raise the profile of Philip Cooper, who has spent 30 years behind the scenes in some of the UK’s top restaurants working with the likes of Mark Hix, Marco Pierre White, Raymond Blanc and the Roux brothers.

As the idea took shape it was soon clear that this could be a sub-brand. It took on a life of it’s own. Logo’s were created, content and strap lines were written and soon, we had a strong visual that people could immediately relate to. Then the fun started!

I decided to run the brand out on Twitter as a main marketing tool. It’s immediate and for Event PR and as we have covered over the last few weeks on this blog, sometimes the only driving force you need for event marketing. Of course, I had a foundation strategy and there was a #riverfood presence on both the Coopers website and on their Facebook page. But, we ultimately used Facebook for the ticket shop (see below) and the website for blog posts supporting the brand.

During our 4 week campaign, Facebook let me down. I used promoted posts (1 per week) and ran a Facebook Ad Campaign (with various headlines) but this only manifested in 12 event clicks to the ticket shop.  I quickly realised this and ceased the ads in week 3 to concentrate on Twitter and reaching out to bloggers/press online.

The objective for the launch was not so much sales but to guarantee a solid collection of online articles about the event.  This gave us good stead to follow up the launch with the next #riverfood or take the brand in a different direction.

1. A targeted list of people where collated. Mostly press and high profile bloggers.

2. Engagement, reaching out, gaining follow backs.

3. Press Release was published and distributed.

4. Html invites were created (by the highly recommended Ricardo Pirroni from

5. An initial email explaining the event and promotional zip including 2 image, flyer and press release was sent out to targeted list.

6. A database was created from all whom replied/engaged.

7. Competitions/Promotional Advertising agreed and confirmed: Twitter comp, Facebook Comp and high profile Food Blog Comp.

8. Formal Invites were sent out 1 week before the event and all guests were researched.

9. Consistent use of hashtag on all posts before, during and after event. Asking guests to use when they posted, plus live tweeting from event.

10. Created transcript of all event tweet and analysed.

Results: Online press received:






GLP London

olive magazine FB



For more information on objectives and targets: See Case Study

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