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Review: @hoosaid

What is HooSaid?

“HooSaid is a social search engine that returns people instead of pages. Just type in a word, such as “food” to find real people related to that topic. Our algorithm examines people on social networks and objectively decides what it is they really talk about, not just something they said in the last 10 minutes. We like to call it Pagerank for People”

Now the guys at Hoosaid say that not utilising the ‘real time’ template isn’t useful and I agree. There is no point ranking if you mention “art” right now and have 1000s of followers, their searches find real people saying the same stuff as you, whenever!

So – the basis of it is as follows:

You search for a topical word and it throws up people that matter over all social media channels. Simple. Therefor, you find relevant people to your niche – your target market. Yippee!

For example, if you are looking for people in “socialmedia” (or #socialmedia) to discover and follow on social sites, simply type in “socialmedia” (one word) into the search bar. Instead of the search results being people who said the word “socialmedia” and have a lot of followers, users actually get a list of people in “socialmedia“.

Their algorithms are mature enough to pick up on the people talking about your niche and throws them your way – I think that is great and well worth adapting into your social media hour each day.

Hoosaid is in Beta, which makes their database limited but they are continuously looking to grow and it is definitely a site to watch out for!


NEXT WEEK:  Guest Posts from Yvonne Morris (

Yvonne is a law graduate of Greenwich University, London, where she gained her LLB in 1998 and her LLM in Media & Entertainment Law at the University of Westminster in 2001 with a Distinction. In 2003, Yvonne completed her LPC at BPP Law School, London, attaining a commendation and qualified as a lawyer in September 2008.

Yvonne works as a freelance consultant after having spent some time working for government i.e. the OFT and OFGEM. This was followed by a number of years working as a fully qualifies UK lawyer in industry and commerce for the in-house legal department of the world’s largest media and entertainment company, where she has gained extensive experience of commercial contract drafting, negotiating and other typical in-house areas of commercial business.

The posts will be very relevant to anyone who has or intends to have a website and should be bookmarked for future reference.

To contact Yvonne for any legal issues regarding websites, cookies and the like please use

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